Please Be Gentle! I’m New Here


   At last I’m blogging! It all sounded so simple when I first decided to do it.  I read articles promising to have me blogging in an hour.  I was going to do it then procrastinated, got sidetracked, got overwhelmed, got run over by a truck…well not me specifically but our RV.  I determined I would do it on our next trip to Florida and…we are still here…till the 31st.  “NAILED IT”………sorta.  I wanted to be up and running quick but it took a long time to decide on a name. I wanted something that really captured the essence of who I was.  I wanted it to grab you and not let you go but all those names were taken……so I opted for the simple name I got saddled with as a kid…….Joey.  Of course I couldn’t possibly leave out my ultra unique surname……….please STOP laughing.  So I had it……only it wasn’t available…Go Figure!  So I settled on adding the “s” and moved on.  That process took me about three weeks but in the end it was all mine  Three days later, the site is built, and here I sit.

   So what am I going to blog?  Well it will very likely be centered around the Gospel.  I may occasionally review an interesting product or service.  I may even talk about a place we are or have been.  But, mostly I will probably focus on the Gospel.  I have had several friends who have suggested that I blog over the last couple of years.  They seemed to enjoy the things we discussed in conversation and thought it might be a good foundation for a blog.  I have also been told to “go jump in a lake.”  Both are perhaps equally good suggestions.  

   So much of what I read in blogs of this nature seem to be absent central elements that I feel are essential when sharing the gospel.  The most important being that it is all about Jesus.  He is the gospel.  The author and the finisher of our faith.  He must be kept central.  He must overwhelm everything we say, do, or blog.  If we saturate our thoughts and intentions in Him then what is transferred to the hearer or reader is more closely the Gospel.  It has been said that you can “preach the Bible and not preach the Gospel, but you can’t preach the Gospel with preaching the Bible.”  I really don’t want to preach here or necessarily even teach.  I have this longing to simply bless, uplift, and edify those who take the time to visit and read.  To share what God is saying to me and see if it helps you.  If it does…awesome…if not…maybe it will help someone else you know.

   So there it is.  The goals, maybe they will evolve or maybe they will narrow. Let’s wait and see.  I will share this thought and hope its a blessing to you, “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” 2 Cor 5:21.  You are the righteousness of God in Christ.  Don’t just read it…believe it.  The righteousness of God in Christ.  By making you righteous in this manner(Romans 3:25-26)He shows himself righteous.  Our righteousness is a filthy rags but as believers we are robed in His righteousness because of what Jesus has done for us.  I am learning that I can’t do anything that affects His righteousness.   When God looks at you He sees Jesus.  That sounds very bold, but the more I believe that the more it changes me.  Believe it and it will change you too!