Hi!! It’s been a while.  I struggled a bit with what to title this post.  Even as I type I’m not sure if I will change it later.  Right now it is ” Rescued.”  “We are still here”, and “willful ignorance”, were in the running as well.  I like to keep things positive so let’s stick with “rescued.”  I think I’m safe in saying we have reached a point were people are at least beginning to question the church’s prevailing mindset that we are scheduled to be rescued.  The church world has been announcing our pending rescue in one form or another for a good while now.  Some argue it began with the Roman Catholics or with Darby and his dispensational theology but here we are.  I mean literally “here we are.”  We have spent years preaching a pending rescue of the Body of Christ. 

I recall Lynn Hiles telling a story of not being able to participate in gym class because of the churches standard of males not wearing shorts.  When he addressed this with his pastor he was told not to worry about completing high school because “Jesus would return before the end of the seventies.”  Well nearly fifty years have passed and “here we are.”  That is just one of likely hundreds of examples of the “willful ignorance” of the church in the modern era.  I can recall being told similar things in church.  I have recently decided it is very likely why I did not pursue higher education.  I guess I figured there was no point since I would be in heaven or Jerusalem or Hell.  Yeah, you read it right.  I believed my chances of going to heaven were far slimmer than going to hell.  After all I was far more aware of what would send me to hell than of what would get me to heaven.  It seemed preachers were keenly aware of how eager God was to fry me but not all that knowledgable of what He had done to save me.  And since my understanding then was largely preacher driven I was “willfully ignorant.”  I had a Bible and therefore no excuse for believing that foolishness.  Preachers helped me believe stupidity but the choice was ultimately mine. 

I can and will give a different view of why we are here but I’m hoping for a little feedback.  I’m going to post on this subject further but it is sufficient to say that we are better prepared to still be here today than we were in the past few decades and that’s mostly due to the fact that younger people think the church may have missed to mark, with it’s, “rescue us”, mentality.  I for one think the young folks are right.  Some scripture for thought.  Matthew 24:37.  Pay close attention to this one, the church certainly hasn’t.  More on that later.  John 17:15 and Proverbs 10:30.  Read and study and see for yourself.  It would seem we need to be rescued from bad theology not from earth.  Stay tuned we are just getting started.

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